Cab Calloway 

Spirit Marching Band 

Invitational Show

Saturday October 16, 2021

The Marching Band Invitational Show is our competition where we host marching bands from around the state and beyond in an all day marching band competition show. This year's competition will be Saturday, October 16, 2021 at Salesianum Abessinio Stadium.  It will require all-hands-on-deck from our volunteers to be a success.

The Marching Band Invitational Show is our marquee fundraiser. The schedule will be posted soon, and we hope to have 2 or 3 sessions with short intermissions. This will create more volunteer opportunities and shorter shifts.  We also have pre-event work you can assist with as well if you are unable to help on the day of the event.

Our Sign Up for Invitational Volunteer opportunities will be available soon. Please pick a job that works for you. Trust me, there is one!  All volunteers working the event will get a staff lanyard.  Volunteers should wear a purple shirt as well.

For all of our new parents and anyone else not familiar with this event, the information below will help you understand the scope and give details & descriptions of volunteers jobs needed. There are lots of jobs to fill to fit most schedules and abilities.

Important note for all parents: While we encourage you to view/help our band at as many other competitions (and practices, rehearsals, and games), many of the volunteer positions will not have that opportunity at our Invitational Show.

Volunteer Positions

Parking, Band Registration & Field Marshalls

Parking volunteers will guide buses, trailers, and spectators to appropriate spots and prevent parking where not allowed. Your shift starts a little earlier than others, but finishes earlier too.  Once all band units have arrived, parking volunteers have a break until it's time to help them exit. Details to be shared at the Parking Volunteer meeting before the show. Report times and estimated finish are listed in the sign-up. If you like being outside and organizing arrivals, this is the place for you!

Band Registration volunteers will welcome & stamp incoming band ensembles as they arrive to check in. This job communicates with the Field Marshals and Event Coordinator as bands arrive to help keep the schedule. You will be stationed outside near the bus parking lot.

Field Marshal volunteers help make sure the performance schedule runs like clockwork. Stationed in and around the stadium, Marshals use the published schedule to make sure bands arrive at the staging area before advancing to the on-deck circle and then onto the stadium floor to perform. They will communicate with Parking and Band Registration coordinator(s) to help avoid surprises. If you like to make sure things stay organized, this is the job for you!

Ticket Sales/Takers & Stampers

Volunteers will greet spectators for day-of sales or collect pre-sold tickets and stamp everyone for re-entry. You'll be stationed at the main entrance of the stadium entry way. You will also attend to needs of attendees if there are issues. There is typically a steady flow of spectators, but no real rush.

Gram & Vendor Tables

Spectators and performers buy candy/water from us, and add a message to band members to it. These are given to each ensemble after their performance. Air Grams are similar where a message is purchased that will be read by announcers just prior to or just after performances. Volunteers will be helping customers purchase their grams and Runners make sure the announcers get the air grams in time.

This group will also staff our vendor table(s) where we will sell Build-Your-Own Noise Maker Water Bottles and do face painting.

Aisle Guards
Between performances, as a courtesy to performers, no entry or exit to the stands is permitted. Aisle guards politely block traffic in the stadium stands until the performance is over. This is a great job for middle school students/siblings looking for volunteer hours. Middle school students are required to have a parent working with them.  Adults are welcome too do this job too. 

Hospitality Room Crew
The Hospitality crew work with the judges, as well as the staff from our visiting schools, to ensure they have what they need when they get to the hospitality room.  You will be feeding the Judges, as well as the Band Staff from our visiting schools, and our volunteers.  The hospitality room will be located in the cafeteria.  Throughout the day Judges, Band Staff and volunteers will stop in to eat.  Judges will also use the room to provide feedback to the Band Staff of all ensembles. Helpers are needed to receive, setup, serve, & cleanup. If you want to be inside and like catering, this is the job for you! 

Judge's Runners
This is a great job for younger siblings of band members with an adult volunteering nearby. This job takes care of little errand the judges  may need for scoring, instruction, etc. The chief judge needs someone nearby so he/she can keep the show on schedule.

Floaters are volunteers who will move from job to job as needs dictate. It might be an hour in concessions for the lunch rush. It might be in parking for intermission when we have units departing and arriving at the same time. If you'd like to try several of the jobs and are flexible, this might be the job for you. 

Program Book Sales
This job requires you to sit and sell program books to incoming spectators. A great opportunity for those that do not like to stand.

50/50 Ticket Sales
We will run a 50/50 raffle to benefit our band (and the winning ticket holders!) at our competition. There will be two sales and two drawings to accommodate the first & second halves. If you like interacting with the crowd & have a loud voice, this is the job for you!

Clean Up Crew
This is actually an easy job considering the space and scope. This crew will be needed after the last of the winners are announced so we can all get home quickly. We will also have our student members to make sure it is done and done well. We like to leave a venue better that we found it. Custodians will also be there to help. If you're unable to be there during the day and you still want to play an important role, this is the job for you!

CAB Marching Band Student Support

We cannot forget about our band!! We need volunteers to remain at CAB/CSW and provide a pre-competition meal or grab & go bag, depending on the day’s schedule. Volunteers will have to plume hats and assist with uniforms before and after competition. They also will chaperone our buses to/from the stadium.

Pre-Event Activities
Not available the day of the event?  No Worries!!!!  We have pre-event planning and activities that we need help with.  

Pre-Event Activities include:

  • Prepping materials and information for the Grams and Vendor tables.
  • Work with our CAB Student Liaison to find volunteers to fill the gaps on event day
  • Create signs for the parking lots
  • Create and manage a Facebook and Twitter page promoting the event regularly.  Find any additional outlets to promote our event.
  • Oversee the program creation by coordinating the Parent Shout Out section, working with RCCSD to get the program printed, review and edit the program to ensure all information is included and accurate, send list serve request to CAB and email request to CSW communities seeking advertisers, etc.
  • Work with our CAB Art teacher/students to create the ticket design, and get tickets printed.  Send the tickets out to participating bands.
  • Food shop for our kids pre-competition meal or grab & go bag the Thursday or Friday before the event

I hope this helps answer some of the questions, but please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions to Your participation is vital to this event and all of our activities.