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CCSA Spirit Marching Band





Welcome to the Cab Calloway High School Spirit Marching Band. The Band Staff and I are looking forward to a great season with you. We are anxious to bring your unlimited potential together with a great musical score and a challenging drill to create a memorable marching band show. With the enthusiasm and dedication of the students, staff and parents, we will take our band to an even higher level of musical achievement. 


It is my hope that you find many friendships from the band, have many memories, and have a sense of pride over what you have accomplished. Pride is a large part of the band. You should be able to walk away from this experience proudly saying, “I belong to the Cab Calloway High School Marching Band!!”   


By accepting membership into the Cab Calloway High School Spirit Marching Band, you agree to perform to the best of your abilities and work hard together with the band staff in making this year’s band the finest musical organization that our combined efforts can produce.


Let’s make this year very memorable and great. Be excited to take your band to even greater heights. 

James Tharp 

Director of High School Bands 

Cab Calloway School of the Arts

Why Should You Join Our Marching Band?
  1. It’s a lot of fun.

  2. It’s a neat way for incoming freshmen to make friends before school starts.

  3. It’s great exercise (you practically run around the parking lot and football field).

  4. It’s a nice mental break from classes.

  5. It's a team sport where everyone plays the entire game or competition.  No substitutions allowed.

  6. It provides unique opportunities to develop leadership skills.

  7. It’s a chance to learn from very talented musicians and colorguard performers.

  8. Our students to develop a strong work ethic.

  9. It provides opportunities to sharpen your problem solving skills.

  10. It can be an opportunity to learn to play a new instrument or learn colorguard techniques (including flags, rifles and sabers).

  11. It opens doors to other music opportunities (e.g., college marching bands and world class percussion & guard ensembles).

  12. Traveling to competitions is an interesting way to visit new places (we compete Sept through Nov).

  13. You get into CSW football games for free.

  14. The band booster parents always make sure you are well fed and hydrated.

  15. You won’t have to ride the school bus home 3 days a week.

  16. Carpooling is very entertaining, especially for the parents who do the driving.

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